Photos from David Bannister

Most are of Sports Day circa 1956 but the first is a G&S chorus line circa 1958 and the next two are
from a Girls School play in 1953 in which his sister Mary Ballard, nee Bannister, took part.

March 2011- Message form Steve Saint:
David Bannister's pictures of the sports day are at a later date that he suggests.
The boy reaching the line in the Addison shirt in picture 6 is my brother Chris Saint,
who was only at the school for two years from Sep 1958 to Sep 1960.
I asked Chris but he can't remember the specific year, but it is probably 1959.
In picture 5 the teacher at the right in the long coat is John Scott,
who was my form teacher on my joining the school in September 1960.

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