A series of photos sent in by Glyn Jones.


If you can help with any of the missing names please let us know.

9 Jan 2020 - Terry Lewis identified himsel in photo 13.
10 Nov 2020 - Graham King' sname correctd in photos 10 & 11, as advised by his son Paul.


Photo 1 - L.6 Sc, 1960/61
Tupney ha'penny football on the Master's Desk in the Wooden Hut. Regular occupation at meal and break times - actually played with 2 pennies and a tanner, using a comb or 6inch ruler
L - R. Glyn Jones, Dave Wall, u/k, Gerry Ravis, Rawlinson.

Photo 2 - L.6 Sc, 1960/61
Campbell Matthews holds the attention of his English class in the old Wooden Hut.

Photo 3 - L.6 Sc, 1960/61
Some of the class at Dinner break, how strange I can remember so few of the names.
L - R. Anton Klapka, Gerry Ravis, u/k, u/k, Mick Thorogood, hands- u/k!, Glyn Jones, u/k, Dave Wall, Rawlinson, Tim Waring, u/k, Arnold, Hooper.

Photo 4 - Physics Lab 1960/61.
'Jit' Jesson, trying to explain light diffraction from the look of it, and only getting through to a few of us as usual!

Photo 5 - Hicks Cup Programme: v Clacton CHS 1960
Relates directly to the Team Photo no 10 taken after the game ; a good win, Noddy Carter was a good captain who led by example.

Photo 6 - Hicks Cup Programme: v Clacton CHS 1962
Relates directly to Team Photo no 7 taken before the game. Some controversy here- as can be seen ALL team members sported the School Colours; just prior to the match, these were awarded to all team members who had not previously earned them, just to present a uniform team kit - much to the chagrin of those of us who had actually earned them by dint of sufficient appearances for the 1st Team! ( and felt that the Honour had been devalued). A comfortable win for what was a very good Palmers Team.

Photo 7 - 1st Team 1962
Hicks Cup v Clacton CHS ( W 6-1)
B.R.- John Crates, Dave Wall, Colin Taylor, PeterJeavons, Paul Skinner, Doug Crowley.
F.R. - Glyn Jones, Brian Edwards, Vince Yates, Dudley Wallis, Keith Lester.

Photo 8 - 1st Team 1961/62
B.R. - Peter Jeavons, Glyn Jones, Dave Wall, u/k, Vince Yates, Dudley Wallis
F.R.- Brian Edwards, Paul Skinner, Colin Taylor, John Crates, Keith Lester.
(Who WAS that u/k boy in the back row? Not at all a regular player but just bought in to fill the gap due to Doug Crowley not being available for the photo - wish there is someone out there who could enlighten me!)

Photo 9 - 1st Team 1960/61
B.R.- Alan Howarth, Peter Jeavons, Paul Skinner, Colin Taylor, Malcolm Williamson, John West, Bob Simpson.
F.R. - Glyn Jones, Alan Reynolds, Maurice Dixson, Clive Collis, Brian Bloomfield, John Crates.

Photo 10 - 1st Team 1960
Hicks Cup v Clacton CHS ( W 3 -1)
Glyn Jones, John West, Maurice Dixson, Graham King, Malcolm Williamson, Noddy Carter ( holding Cup) Alan Reynolds, Clive Collis, Chris Holmes, Bill Brown, Colin Taylor.

Photo 11 - 1st Team 1958/59
B.R.- Tuff Hendry, Ben Schofield, Roy Bennett, Alan Reynolds, Colin Taylor, Maurice Dixson, Bill Brown, Dave Staines, George Ross
F.R.- Glyn Jones, Graham King, Dave Lawrence, Noddy (Brian) Carter, Alan Redman

Photo 12 - All Age Groups 1960/61
Flanked by Tuff Hendry and Alan Howarth.

B.R. - 1st team - John Crates, Peter Jeavons, Alan Reynolds, Clive Collis, Maurice Dixson, Colin Taylor, John West, Malcolm Williamson, Paul Skinner, Glyn Jones, Bob Simpson.

3rd Row, - 2nd Team - Brian Bloomfield, u/k, Keith Lester, Barry Wade, u/k, Michael Higgs, Dave Wall, Doug Crowley, u/k, Wallis, u/k, u/k, u/k.

2nd Row - Senior Colts - all u/k.

F.R. - Colts - all u/k

Photo 13 - School Athletics Team 1959.

B.R. - u/k, Mick (or Tony) Pipes, Chris Jenkins, Michael Higgs, u/k, Maurice Dixson, Colin Taylor, Alan Reynolds, Bob Simpson, u/k, u/k, Baird, u/k, John Hodgso, u/k.

3rd Row - Mr Howarth, Young, John West, Dave Wall, Alan Redman, Phil Mundy, u/k, John Crates, 'Grizzly'Webster, u/k, u/k, u/k, Eric Mogensen, Mr Hendry

2nd Row - Doug Crowley, u/k, u/k, u/k, Knockles, Roy Bennett, Paul Skinner, John Facer(Gentle), Tarrant, Chris Holmes, Terry Lewis.

F.R. - Alan Jones, Glyn Jones, u/k, Stewart Jubb, u/k, u/k, u/k, Roger Peake, u/k, u/k.

If you can help with any of the missing names Glyn would love to know.

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