Grey matter challenge of the month ....

Can you identify the unknown boy that Glyn Jones is puzzled by in his photo #8 ?

Answers on a post card (but preferably by email) please.



Old Palmerians' Ties

The Association now has a new batch of ties available for purchase at the very reasonable price of 11 each. This price includes postage and packing.
More details here.


The Association holds a number of dinners and meetings each year.
These events are ideal for meeting old friends in a social relaxed atmosphere and catching up on all the news.

2019 dates.

Founder’s Day Service
3rd November 2019

Founder’s Day Reunion Lunch
3rd November 2019

Annual General Meeting
12th November 2019

Lots more info in our "News" section.


Started 17th Nov 2016. This interesting display shows the locations of our site visitors worldwide.

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